Crisis Communications – preparedness makes all the difference

It is how you handle a crisis that eventually determines it’s magnitude and how it effects your company. We develop crisis communications and management plans that prepare you in advance for this eventuality.

Unfortunately, many organizations do not see the value of a crisis communications plan until a crisis is upon them, which is often too late. Organizations often tend to think that a serious disaster will not befall them. While ideally we would all love for this to be the case, it is precisely this mindset that discourages crisis preparations and aggravates the effects of a disaster, if or when one does occur.

The moments shortly after an undesirable event has occurred are the most crucial. Reputations are often destroyed simply because only one side of the story has been vocalized from an outside party or the messages from the company are poorly composed knee-jerk responses conceived in a state of panic. This only makes the situation worse. Your reputation is your hard earned credibility that has been carefully built up over a period of years. Having a well thought out communication plan beforehand can help tremendously. Crisis communications is a form of preparedness that not only helps you when things go wrong, it also offers you peace of mind when things are going on as they should.

Let us help you contain the effects of a crisis by proactively anticipating it and developing a communication plan to addresses its occurrence. From identifying and training key spokespeople, to understanding the situation, determining corrective steps and responding with messages that explain your actions – we can take you through the steps required, so when problems arise you have the tools to deal with them.

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