Social Media Marketing – interact directly with your audience

It is a well know fact that the age of the social web is upon us. Social Media Marketing allows you to talk to your audience directly using Facebook, Twitter, blogs and several other emerging social media platforms. With social media sites evolving constantly, it’s hard to keep track of the current best practices. Let us help you reach out and use these new media channels to connect with audiences where they reside.

Let us help you engage in one-on-one dialogs that build trust, credibility and loyalty amongst your existing and potential customers. We can take care of everything from setting up your accounts to creating and executing complete campaigns while reporting metrics on their ongoing effectiveness.

Developing a community around your brand

Social Media marketing is a long term investment in building up a community of fans who know and love your products and services. It serves as a valuable feedback channel for you to ascertain the changing interests of your audience and speak their language.

Social media however is not to be approached casually. As well as being a positive force for development it can also be a channel for negative feedback to be expressed. However, you need not worry, this is precisely where Chatterbox comes in and assists you in addressing such issues, turning such scenarios into a win-win for both you and your customer. We see the expression of valid negative feedback not as a drawback but as an opportunity. Addressing a customer’s grievance is a chance to correct your relationship with them and let your other potential prospect know you are listening to their needs. We can help show you how.

Digital Marketing

In order to increase visibility and bring search engine traffic to your website it needs SEO i.e. search engine optimization.

SEO services start with numerous on-page edits which are both visible and behind the scenes followed by the long term task of  creating quality website content that visitors want to read and link to. In order to increase traffic over the long term, this content needs to appeal to both website visitors and the search engine algorithms which constantly catalogue and evaluate your site. We take the time to understand your brand, products, customers and corporate culture and synthesize these elements into informative and compelling web optimized content.

Not only do we optimize your webpages so they are search engine friendly, we provide you with rich reports that highlight and analyze the resulting activity on your site.

A website is no longer simply an extension of your product or service catalog. Visitors expect a website to be useful and relevant to their needs with an easily navigable interface. Valuable prospects who visit your site judge its quality and usefulness to them, extremely rapidly.

A website often has mere seconds to grab their attention and retain it. The quality and relevance of your content is crucial in determining whether they will stay or leave and ideally if they will continue to revisit your site over the long term and eventually become loyal customers.

SEO services from Chatterbox help you propel your website to higher levels of visibility over the long term.

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