Media Training – it’s not just the message but how it’s delivered

We offer media training to your key spokespeople so that they are prepared to have more successful press interviews, events or presentations. Effective interpersonal communication goes beyond verbal content; more critically, the power of your message consists of voice tone and body language as well.

Starting with the theoretical fundamentals, we coach your key spokespeople on how to effectively engage in press interviews, round tables or conferences. We conduct the media training in one-on-one or group settings. Take advantage of the years of experience we bring to the table as we guide you through the process with a series of hands-on exercises to get you comfortable and familiar with the process. Using a series of props and exercises we help to prepare you deal with the more unexpected and stressful scenarios, whether it’s staying composed during rapid-fire question sessions from multiple people, or delving into deeper discussions at low-key one-on-one interview settings.

Through our iterative approach we identify the strengths and weaknesses in your verbal communications approach and build on your unique communication style. We also review and work with you on your key messages. We help you make the most out of your engagements with the press by putting your best foot forward and by using your rehearsal time to gain valuable communication skills that will be useful to you throughout your career.

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